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This course is designed for women who wish to reframe & reinvent themselves no matter where they are in life or family.

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How to be Fascinating

I'm a sucker for professional self-assessment tests. The "Myers–Briggs Type Indicator" has long been one of my favorites. (I'm ENFJ or The Protagonist on "16 Personalities.") I always felt it summed me up pretty well. But that assessment is just one side of the coin....

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6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Creativity When Working Alone

One of the biggest issues I have with owning my own company is the creative isolation it creates. I have no peers and no coworkers. While my husband (who is also my business partner) is an amazing sounding board, he isn't exactly equipped to coach me through certain...

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The Last Known Image of Corporate Life

These are the last known photographs of "corporate" me, taken in January 2000. I needed professional headshots for press releases and speaking engagements. (For the record, the last image is my favorite.) I never used them because just a few months later I left...

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How to be a Productive Work-From-Home Family Business

As many family-owned businesses quickly realize, there is often an overlap between "work from home" and "family business." Luckily, a lot of the same challenges employees and freelancers face are the same as family-owned businesses. That means the solutions can be...

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Podcasting Mastermind: San Francisco

This Mastermind is closed for registration, thanks! HURRY! CLASS REGISTRATION CLOSES SUNDAY END OF DAY JUNE 21st! Do you currently produce a podcast and want to learn proven ways to grow your listenership? Are you looking for the "secret formula" to climbing charts in...

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Podcasting Roots Run Deep

I'm researching a bit of information for a Social Media Club - Philadelphia talk I'm doing (on podcasting naturally) and couldn't remember which event I did my "Women in Podcasting" talk at. To my knowledge it's the first talk of the subject to happen, and I'm...

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Social Media Marketing World San Diego 2014

Are you wondering how to get started with Google+ without headaches or mistakes? Are you looking to take your Google+ marketing to the next level? In this session, Lynette Young, author of Google+ for Small Business, reveals a step-by-step actionable plan to get your business successfully running with Google+. You’ll discover how to use the many functions of Google+ so you experience real results, real fast!

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