Hello! Chances are you don’t know me *personally* – and that you haven’t been to my house to sit on the back porch with a BIG glass of lemonade iced tea (my personal fav)

Because of that, it felt like a good time to let you in on who I am and why I am the right person to help you figure out how to blend your business and your family.

I own a family business.

In fact, I’ve owned several family businesses.

My husband and I have been together 20 years, made 7-figures, lost 6-figures, and had 2 kids along the way.

We’ve brought our kids to work, had our kids DO work, worked with our siblings business and even hired on a cousin.

I’ve owned a retail store, a consultancy, a marketing technology agency, worked as a freelance consultant, produced several podcasts, owned several direct sales companies.

I’ve even worked for someone else’s company in order to “extend the runway” of our family businesses.

Currently, I work as a small business coach and speaker (with my husband’s support) AND the co-founder of a software company (with my husband.)

Most – but not all – of those businesses have been with my husband. One of the businesses has been so wildly successful all we could do to survive was lean on our family for help and tap their professional expertise.

Some of our businesses failed to thrive the way we envisioned or could maintain within our family structure (hellllloooo running a retail store with a toddler in tow.)

One business failed so spectacularly I wasn’t sure we’d ever recover.

It is time for us all to step up to acknowledge that family-owned businesses are a unique and vibrant part of our economy and deserve to be cared for, invested in, and celebrated.

I help family-owned businesses find their own way.

My path helping others figure out their path was accidental. Time and time again friends have reached out to me for advice, guidance or mentorship on how to navigate a small business – but somehow it always came around to needing to work with or with the support of their family.

I’ll be honest here, sometimes their outcome was a shuttered business or broken relationship. I’m not a medical professional. I can only speak from experience and a point of reference to help encourage each person to choose their own path and give them some tools to facilitate that.

They came to me because of the track record I have with not just small business, technology and marketing – but the fact that my husband and I not only make amazing business partners but life partners as well.

It is not always easy. It is not always simple. But it is very much worth it.

My goal with this video course is to help you grow profitable businesses and strengthen your family. Thanks for the opportunity to help share your experience and stories so that together we can serve others.

Does the idea of mixing family and business feel like a recipe for failure? It doesn’t have to be!

Whether you need your spouse to act as your CFO, your sibling to be your assistant, or “hiring” your young children, or even contracting a cousin to help with operations — mixing family and business can be a very delicate situation if not planned in advance and communicated effectively.

The course contains the following video modules and associated resources delivered directly to your inbox. Each video module is between 30-45 minutes.

Identifying where your business is – starting, stalling, soaring, shifting

Identifying what you want your results to be

Identifying where your focus should be

Vision board template to design your family business

You have a business and realize that you cannot do it on your own. Everyone needs support. Everyone needs encouragement. Where are you going to start?!!


It doesn’t matter if your business is a family business in the sense that they actively work IN the business with you. It doesn’t matter if you have a business partner outside your family or if you have a downline spread across the world. You need your family to support you in business.

Here’s the catch – you can’t have family help you with your business if they don’t want to, or don’t know what you want them to do, or don’t have the skills to do what you need them to. Every family member can be the perfect Cinderella fitting into the perfect glass slipper. You just need to know which Cinderella goes with which shoe!

Collaborating, contributing, or co-existing with your family in business

Designing your lifestyle and business with intention

Learn specific proven phrases to use when asking family for the support you need

When designing your family business you may soon come to learn that one size does not fit all!

Young kids can’t answer the phone (try as they might!)

Your spouse’s talent may be more in line with laundry than bookkeeping.

Your sister’s strength may be sales and not an envelope-stuffer.

Determining which family members you need in your business, how to approach them about it, how to talk compensation (or the lack thereof), and the specific roles you need them to fill can be very stressful if you don’t have your core business figured out yet. How do you do that?

…by designing your life, lifestyle, and business with intention.

Overcoming objections from family (and friends)

Overcoming lack of support from family

My favorite positive affirmations to help overcome your own limiting beliefs

We can be our own worst critic, but family is a close second.

Running a business is difficult enough with the loving support of those around us. When they don’t support us – or actively work against us – it can (and usually does) mean failure. This is the topic people ask for guidance with the most…

  • “How do I run a successful, profitable, and fulfilling business when my family thinks I’m crazy?”
  • “I want to start a business but my husband doesn’t take me seriously.”
  • “Every time my business has a hiccup my family uses it as an opportunity to tell me to quit.”
  • “My spouse and I run a business together but I’m the only one managing the family. How can I even out the responsibility?”
  • “I run my business from my house. My sister constantly drops off her kids assuming I can watch them while MY kids are at daycare. HELP!”
  • “I started a business but my family thinks it’s a waste of time and doesn’t think I’ll ever make it work.”
  • “How can I get my family to understand that when we are at work together, I’m not MOM/WIFE but CEO?”

If any of these resonate with you, oh honey, you need this module.

Getting family, friends, and clients in alignment with your work

Creating a circle of influence with people outside your family

Strengthening yourself

Making yourself crystal clear and strong as a diamond sets expectations for everyone.

Balancing the emotional labor of your business and your family

Setting boundaries between business and family

Designing a plan for when your business and/or family demands ALL the attention

Taking what you’ve discovered and applying it going forward

How to circle back to the lessons in the future and how to apply it to your changing situation

Cost is $197 per participant. The course includes one video training module and PDF worksheet per week. Email support and guidance is provided as needed for the duration of the program.

Plain and simple this course will help you identify, navigate and implement business-building strategies to include family in your business AND keep the peace at the dinner table!

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Disclaimer: I do not guarantee specific results, income, or timeframes. I share my personal and professional experience from the 20+ years I have owned and operated family businesses. My services and courses are from the framework of a small business coach, not a licensed therapist. You will get out of my programs what you put into them. This is not a quick-fix or get-out-of-debt fast program. Experiences of past students may not be typical for all students.

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