Launch a New Business in 2018

How to start a fulfilling business when you have kids at home, sh!t to do, and bills to pay.

There is a lot of “typical” information and advice floating around about things you NEED to do when starting a new business.

Market research. Finances. Talent acquisition. Business cards. Websites.

That’s a load of garbage. We tell ourselves stuff like that and then shrink back from taking the leap.

Here’s the thing. You need to start *somewhere* and it sure isn’t with any of that other stuff.

Chances are you have a nagging voice in the back of your mind saying “I have kids and responsibilities and not enough time and bills to pay… I can’t possibly do something as unpredictable and selfish as start my own business!”

That voice is a dirty liar.

Oh, sister, I’ve been there. Hell, a good part of my week is still there, coming up with excuses like I was gettin’ paid to.

What then do you need in order to (finally, sometimes after decades…) start the business you have been dreaming about?

You need a clear vision in your head of what you want to do.

You need your family on board with you and your business.

You need to actively build your faith in yourself.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’ve dreamed of starting.

Photography business? Direct sales business? Etsy business? Bookkeeping business? Wellness business? Cupcake business? Professional organizer business? Dog walking business? I’ve got that all covered!

Session 1 : FOCUS

– Setting achievable business goals

– Forming your business beliefs & expectations

Session 2 : FAMILY

– Getting your family on board with your new business plans

– Incorporating your family in your business launch

Session 3 : FAITH

– Clearing headspace for your new business

– Overcoming fear and self-doubt

Create the Perfect Office Space

Build an Aspirational Altar in Place of a Boring Old Desk to Create the Business & Life You Want

This course will walk you through the steps I’ve taken many times to build myself not only a highly functional, highly customized workspace, but a true sanctuary where I can recharge my mind and body and in turn be more productive and at peace with the work/life/family imbalance.

What I’m going to teach you is the difference between “eating bread and drinking water alone” and “enveloping yourself in the satiety and luxury of a perfectly prepared meal paired with the most exquisite beverage with the dearest of friends.”

Which meal would you choose? Which would leave you feeling, well, anything?

You will learn how to go from a “just get it done” dreary work desk to “aspirational altar” oasis where you can soar in productivity and keep yourself centered.

Besides sleeping, we spend the majority of our time at work. Working. It is time we elevate the space we occupy during that time to feed and nurture us and not just house our junk and keep us sitting upright for 8 hours.

Getting Your Family Business Started

(With or Without Your Family)

Does the idea starting a business AND having a family seem overwhelming? Where do you start? What if your family doesn’t share your vision?

In this course, we will take a look at what your business needs and find ways your family can fit into some of the roles you need when you are in startup mode.

Each module comes with videos, writing/journaling prompts and mantra exercises to get you focused and moving forward.


You want to start a business but know you will need your family’s support to get it off the ground.


Your family doesn’t get your passion or your vision for your new business idea.


You need to make a profit without spending a bunch of money and/or deterring household money to build a business.


Your family thinks you are less successful (or more successful…) than you are and that stops you from asking for – or receiving – the help you need.


You need to know how to identify and nurture the strengths you have to grow the business you want around your core strengths and beliefs.

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