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Books to Build Your Business While You Social Distance

I'm guessing you are unexpectedly spending a LOT of time working from home lately (not by choice, but by social distancing courtsey of COVID-19.) Luckily, I can work from home, which I know is a privdge that not everyone has. I also have the ability to have our staff...

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Are You STUCK?

I choose to surround myself with high vibe people that uplift & elevate me just because of who they are – not what they do or sell. I strive to do the same for others.

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Attitude of Gratitude

Here are four ways to bring the idea of gratitude into your life. The idea of consciously looking for places to feel or express my gratitude to those around me is something I strive for every single day. In my own life, people who are genuinely grateful and thankful of what they work for, what they are blessed with, and what they are surrounded by are the most successful people.

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How to Choose the Right Direct Sales Opportunity

As part of my role as a coach to family-centered entrepreneurs, I work with a great deal of direct sales consultants. I’m here to help you make an informed and educated decision on the types of things you should be thinking about and researching before choosing a direct sales company to represent.

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Restarting Your Story

Wouldn’t it be great to snap our fingers and have the ability to restart time? What would have been better is to make a different choice in the moment. Choices we make feel right (or at least justified) when we are making them. It’s only due to the consequences that we come to feel regret.

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Business Coaching vs. Consulting vs. Mastermind Group

Participating in a mastermind or getting a coach is a great way to achieve clarity, obtain focus, and maintain forward momentum in your business. But which is better for you? What will get you results? What will it cost me? What should I expect? Please note that...

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