“You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.”

I’ve seen that same quote (or something really close) no less than a dozen times this week. What does that mean?

It means I should pay more attention to it.

Just last night I had a great dinner conversation with my 10-year-old son about it. As part of a larger talk, I said that either I am interested in having a person in my life or they simply do not exist to me. I don’t have time for hate or gossip or pettiness. Why? It drains my energy and puts my focus where I don’t need it to be. If all I do is hate hate hate and absorb & project negativity, that is ALL my life will be filled with. If I surround myself with positive people (or those that are growing in that direction) it helps me keep myself that way.

Yes, at 10 he totally “got” the meaning 😉 and mentioned that when he’s kind to people at school or on the bus, he finds more like-minded friends (we are six months new to the area so we are ALL rebuilding our local friend circle.)

If KIDS can see the truth in this, we can also.


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