I want to talk to all the moms out there. The mom that love their kids. The mom that know motherhood isn’t the only title they have earned. The mom that want more than just a “hobby” business. The mom that feels guilty for ordering takeout for dinner so she can have the time to write one more email. The mom that would love not just “survive and shower” paycheck to paycheck but “live luxuriously” within her means. The mom that skips a trip to the nail salon so she can order business cards. The moms that wish their family would just pitch in more around the house without being nagged. The mom that knows she could make it big if she could only find the time. The mom that wants an identity outside of her family. I see you. I see you trying to work your business with kids playing – much too loud – in the background. I see you falling asleep at your computer hours after the kids have finally gone to bed. I see you on a phone call trying to switch up laundry and hoping the dryer buzzer doesn’t go off. I see you in the school pick up line trying to return emails to clients. I see you skipping girls night out because the idea of having to get glammed up feels exhausting. I see you waiting until the kids are out of diapers… are in school… are in college to start your business “for real.” I see you passing up a great project because you can’t commit the time when soccer season starts up again. I see you can’t attend a conference because your spouse works late and there is no one to get the kids from school. I see you not taken seriously because your business doesn’t earn ‘real’ money. I see you sitting at your desk in the same clothes you slept in because showering and dressing nice is pointless if you never leave your house. I see you trying to build a business in the in-between spaces and times of everyone else’s schedule. I see you neglecting your health because you just don’t have the luxury of focusing on YOU. I see you know there is more you can do, more you can earn, more you can give. I see you.

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